Fossil Fuels a thing of the past – Lucrecia Bernues

burning campfire
Photo by Berend on

The paradigm of the fossil fuels it’s been managed globally by the oil corporations since its discovery. I really think in its early days this corporations gained the control they still have today.

In the beginning fossil fuels were the only form of cooking and heating. There was little perception of the planet and the environment.

Although the history of the car started in the early 1800s with an electric notion, the real competition started with the combustion engine invention, and it was the break for the fossil fuels, and these corporations

It was easier to monopolize an industry before the revolution on technology of the last past decades. I feel the population was left behind on the influence they can reach today via social media, and all that entails, which has a big weigh.

That said, the future is “green”, and it’s growing today.

There’s a global inclination of most countries and their leaders to stop the exploitation of fossil fuels. Especially in the developed countries, which are in fact the bigger releasers of pollutants.

So, if these countries change the way they do things, the percentage of fossil fuels consumption in the world will be lower. Although, in other countries, they still rely on this basic form of heating, cooking, burning wood or similar.

In the near future, by tomorrow, or the next year, the fossil fuels will be there as usual.

However the number of people choosing electric vehicles is growing.

I see a world leaning towards change and gaining a collective consciousness about the matter.

We are still in the early days, the first step even.

It is now the beginning of the progress, so in a hundred years, the fossil fuels in a big scale would be nonexistent, not only because reserves are scarce, but also it would be helping the environment and the humans living in the planet the way we know it.

Consequently, for the far future, the use I see is minimize to the primordial ways of use, unsophisticated like going camping and lighting a fire.

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