Future Time or Just in case ? – Lucrecia Bernues

Everything happens for a reason

I am where I am supposed to be

I feel inner peace

Or try

I am centered

I’m in tune with the universe

Pienso en el tiempo y el no tiempo

El Tiempo q no existe y así igual q cambia todo

Un segundo

Un día

Una semana

Un año

Una década

Y cómo cambia todo

Ese momento

El momento del hola

I can’t grasp the idea of one second, one person changing the forever

For ever might be too much

How can that be ?


But otherwise what changes the future ?

What actions are the motor for bringing your whole life to a different direction

How does one change or turn decisions

And grab everything and make a new life

Is it new?

Or is it the regular life ?


Destiny if you will ..

So how ?


I feel I’m not doing that

Who’s Afraid to get hurt




You don’t move

You are afraid to get hurt


How do you turn that around ?

How can you go back and change

It’s becoming a pattern

There’s no time. And time doesn’t exist

Keep running towards something imaginary or invisible


Be static and hopeless of the future as usual

No longer an option

You are where you are supposed to be.


So then you need to learn about fear


It’s a game changer

Ergo this is what you need to be doing


Realizing the power of fear

It is in your head now

The brain needs to understand that it doesn’t have to be controlled by fear

Do not let anyone manipulate you

Stop the patterns of fear and lack of movement and change

Sometimes we do not see things right before our eyes

But one day something clicks

And you could see the same things with different eyes and perception shifts

Grow and evolve

We start to see the strings of light that interconnect life itself.

Sometimes we see the spark

And it could be the start of the opening of your mind.

Towards enlightenment

Whatever happens has to happen

The ego makes you push with no feeling

And it can’t go that far

The ego won’t control the richness of being touched by feelings in the strings of light

We move and we tangle other strings

Of people and things

The way it’s intended to work

In awareness of your mind and united

Synchronized with the universe

If everything is a test and all of what happens has a reason, then you are there for you to feel and learn

Push boundaries of fear and overcome the instinct of nothing

Being quiet and not moving just in case ? In case what ? Enough of that.

In case a change in the future that scares you ? And just in case ?

Just in case what? Then nothing happens in the stillness.

Then just in case what ?

And all it’s just in case and still nothing happens. ..

so just in case what ?

Move faster

Move radically

Stop the fear

Stop the lack of movement because just in case

New start

Start is scary?

Amazing horizons of blank space in the future

Is it ?

Or maybe just in case not?

New experiences

Just in case is not a state of mind

Is it safer ?

What brings more despair?




Grow in your steps


What direction


That is a word with big connotations

Uncertainty and fear …


Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

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