The shift: Renewable Energy

by Lucrecia Bernues

The world is veering towards green energy, and we can see the examples of this growth around the globe. However, we still need to sustain the fossil fuels, ever since we can’t change the structure in one night. The last two centuries of the world are built around fossil fuels, even our homes depend (depended) on fossil fuels. Consequently, the transition to green energy is not an easy task. We know humanity is heading to green energy, but it is a slow process.

One of the most difficult obstacles of the energy transition I think is money. The change is not cheap, and the governments need to implement heavy policies around renewable energies, also big incentives if they want to achieve a point of change in their country. The transformation needs policies in every aspect, it must be connected to all parts of a country, big companies, governments, and every person in it, as I think for most people this is not an important issue. The governments need to act and move fast on this matter to challenge a cultural shift of thinking. Thus, generating a collective sense of the significance of energy efficiency, the importance of green energy to help the energy transition, and to accomplish the international agreements. Although none of this is possible when the choice is that people (or companies) spend money of their own pockets, even more so if they have a low budget. Most people (or companies) would not choose to pay more money just because it’s green and helps the environment. Therefore, in this sense, I think economic policies should be the key to make the option easy for them, for all of them, to buy appliances or a new electric car, and to attract investors in power generation, transport, factories, and production, they need to see the profit around renewable energy as well. I think in a country the policies must start in the government, leading by example choosing renewable energies, for example in the street lighting, or implement energy measures in government buildings, I think campaigns help to show everybody the benefits of renewable energy for the world.


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