Opinion: Energy Security

I see that energy security is important in various contexts. The key point is the security that a country has in providing the energy it requires to function as a country. It is important that a country can have its own energy generation, be self-sufficient, but at the same time be able to work together with its neighboring countries to rely on the strengths in energy capacities of each one, and help with their weaknesses, this way they can complement each other, emphasizing joint efforts to help climate change, with the sustained strength of energy efficiency. This is fundamental in a whole, from the small input of a person, to the one of a government, and of the alliances that can be formed to benefit the planet. The energy security operations can be integrated into all areas, generation, distribution, the capacity it must be able to meet the energy needs of each of its inhabitants, to cook, to turn on the heating, to work, which are considered basic needs. As well as energy security at a global level, where we include all countries and the contribution that each of them make to provide energy security at a whole.

Although it is not just the fact of supplying energy for each of the sectors of a country, but doing it in a conscious, sustainable way, that does not have a negative impact on the environment and that contributes to the success of the international agreements. Furthermore, to do this in a way that is economically viable for the country.

Climate change is a fact, and so is demographic growth, which implies greater energy consumption. Although the trend leads us to an energy efficient behavior, the reality is that consumption is increasing, for many reasons, since temperatures increase in summer and more energy is needed to acclimatize, and the same decreases in winter and more energy is needed.  Consequently, energy security in relation to climate change requires greater consumption of green energy and at the same time the disruption of the cycle of fossil fuels. This will help mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases, to help climate change, so that the inevitable greater energy consumption is not detrimental to maintaining energy security.

by Lucrecia Bernues


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