Wind turbines could help capture carbon dioxide while providing power

Wind turbines could help capture carbon dioxide while providing power
Most human-produced CO2 is high in the air. Turbines could funnel it to the ground for removal
Wind turbines stand near a coal-fired power plant in Germany, with steam rising from the plant's cooling towers.
Wind turbines like these near a power plant near Bergheim, Germany, can pull CO2 into their wakes in order to send it to machines that capture the greenhouse gas in the battle against climate change, simulations and a scaled-down wind tunnel test suggest.VOLKER HARTMANN/GETTY IMAGES
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By James R. Riordon
OCTOBER 31, 2022 AT 7:00 AM
Wind turbines could offer a double whammy in the fight against climate change.
Besides harnessing wind to generate clean energy, turbines may help to funnel carbon dioxide to systems that pull the greenhouse gas out of the air (SN: 8/10/21). Researchers say their simulations show that wind turbines can drag dirty air from above a city or a smokestack into the turbines’ wakes. That boosts the amount of CO2 that makes it to machines that can remove it from the atmosphere. The researchers plan to describe their simulations and a wind tunnel test of a scaled-down system at a meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics in Indianapolis on November 21.
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